Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kids Hangers for Toddlers

Kids grow up faster than we think. Without yourself realising it, your baby is growing up to be a toddler. The nursery room that you have spent time creating would have to grow together with the child. Your wallpaper may need to be changed. So is the paint of the room, the way you organise the closet and the way you hang the kid’s clothing too. There are plenty of kids hangers for toddlers that you should consider adding to the new closet.

This transition period is important for the child. This is the time for you to help him boost his own self esteem by involving him in the organisation and design of his own room. Many experts believe that when you get them involved, they will exciting and would more likely grow to be a very independent kid.

Provide them with a toddler bed and allow them to pick their own sheets and blankets. Let them know that this is their own special bed. Most toddlers would already be familiar with all the cartoon characters and other themes. They would not have problem letting you know what they like.

When it comes to closet organisation, consider getting them plenty of kids hangers. Most likely, when they were still babies, you would leave the hanging bar at your height. This is the time to move it down to their level. If you want your kid to learn to be independent and get things for themselves instead of relying on you, you should put everything on their level.

Children should be given the freedom to choose their own outfits and dressing. Help them to select the right one if they make mistakes, but do it in such a way that makes them feel that it was their decision, instead of yours. You can install a hat or coat rack on the inside of the closet door and install them low to encourage the child to hang their own clothes.

Many children do not like handling clothes. That is why kids hanger will help to encourage them. You should also try to get plenty of special small laundry baskets and bins just for the toddlers. Dirty clothes should go into dirty clothing laundry basket and if you have a cupboard to keep them, then it is all the more better. When you kids are changing, teach them that the dirty ones should immediately go into the dirty laundry basket.

There are many special kids hangers available for toddlers. Use this to encourage children to hang their clothes instead of getting all the clothes crumbled up in the closet. Get your kids involved in color tagging the hangers, such as red hangers are for outdoor wear, blue ones are for sports wear, green ones are for indoor wears and so on. Use plenty of hooks and clips to hang the pants together with the shirt. Many kids love hanging their clothes in this way and it also helps to get dressed faster.

There are many other ways to change a baby’s room to a toddler’s room. Choose paint color that is exciting for your kid. Choose border that matches the theme of the room. There are many borders that are self-adhesive and this can be glued and removed without damaging the paint. Consider of putting the border at the kid’s eyes level.

Work with new blinds and curtains that blend with the theme. Use plenty of shelves that can be easily hung to display toys or pictures. Start putting away baby’s stuff such as infant rattlers or baby gyms into storage or give it to your friends. Provide your kids with more appropriate toys and games.

For toys that have been accumulated over the years, consider getting them bins for toddlers to keep their toys. Storage bins can be a very handy and useful tool to help kids to keep and organise their toys. This is all the more true in a small room. Try to implement a system that works for both you and the kid to quickly locate and keep their toys.

You can do this creatively by diving the storage bins into bins for dolls, for cars, for blocks, for balls, and etc. Then ask your child which doll she loves best. Take a photo of that doll, print it and label the bin with that photo. You can also add it text, such as the word “Doll” together with the photo to help your children picking up reading at a young age. Do the same for the bins for balls, cars and so on. Kids love fun and will continue doing them when it is fun. Cheer your kids when he get toys into the right bin or when he gets them in within the shortest time. This way, your child not only learn to be independent, but they learn to recognise patterns and group common objects together.

You can also make things interesting for the children by organising them by colors. You can get large bin with different colors, or you can paint them by yourself. Red bins are for red color toys, blue bin for the blue color toys, and so on.

Just as how colourful kids hanger for closets will get your kids excited and motivated to maintain it, colourful bins are a great way to help kids to maintain their own toys. There is no limit to how creative you should be when it comes to helping your kids be independent and organised.

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