Friday, April 3, 2009

Kids Hanger and Closet Organization

Many kids nowadays have their own room and closets. However, keeping a kid’s closet organized may be a nightmare for some parents. Many parents were not aware that there are kids hanger available in the market that can be very handy when keeping the closet organised. Instead, they used adult clothes hanger, which turn out to be either too big or too ugly to motivate the kids to organize their own closets.

Your kids can be a darling and a monster at the same time. They are the one who will work hard to keep things disorganised while you are working hard to keep things organised. In the market today, they are all kinds of organisers that can help your kids keep their things together and you should check them out.

If you do not know where to start, try giving the closet an entire make-over. Try to make it fun and do not just do it by yourself. Get your kids involved. Children love getting involved and felt that they are doing something important. Get your kids to remove everything from the closet.

Consider repainting the interior of the closet. However, be careful to choose only colors that are bright and cheerful and ensure that the paints are not toxic. There are paints that are odor-free today and you should use it. Personalising the closet is the best way to get your children feel interested to having his things organized. Give them the freedom to choose their own color. Anyway, most of the times, the closet will remain closed, so allow your kids to go with whatever color he likes.

Use kids hanger and not any ordinary clothes hanger. Again, be as creative as possible. Allow your children to choose his own designs, whether it is a plastic hanger or a wood hanger. If your kids are attending school already, get them a daily organiser for kids too. The organiser will definitely make things easier for you.

Help your kid to lay out his schooling clothes for the week. If there are other activities that your child will undergo, such as a basketball training, lay them out for them too. Make it a habit and schedule time to do it together with the kids. You can call it clothes organising time or whatever, to make it sound interesting to the kid.

You can also try to check out the weather before-hand. Kids love knowing how adults get to know so many things and teaching them is part of living skills that they will have to learn as they grow older. Teach them to plan ahead.

There are also many ways to hang your kids’ clothes in the closet. For example, there is the hanging clothes hamper. The hanging clothes hamper is lightweight and takes up very little space within the closet and will not occupy any space on the closet floor.

There is a compartment for dirty clothes and children loves organising things in this way. You can also install a hair accessory organiser, which the girls will love. This is where the hair ties, bows and barrettes will be kept. Get a special cubbies for each of their things. Consider using shoe pocket organisers for hats and gloves too, not just for shoes.

Kids hangers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, not just in colors. There are also that are beaded and they look glamorous. You may want to get these for your girls. Remember, the more special the closet is, the more your kids felt that the closet belongs to them and would want to keep them organised. This is the best encouragement that you can give to your kids to help them to cultivate a right habit that will follow them long after they entered adulthood.

Redecorating the entire closet does not need to be expensive. Money spent are worthwhile and it will lasts until your kids get more matured and entered their adolescent. You will also get plenty of activity time together with the kids and be part of their lives.

In all cases, kids hangers are the first step in creating space in your child’s closet. Always get interesting hangers for your kids. For example, velvety smooth kids Slim-Line hangers are available in pink, lime-green, blue, lavender and many other colors.

Here is another trip on how you can keep your kids closet organised. Consider color coding the hanger. For example, school clothes will have blue hangers, red hangers are for sports clothes and etc.

In some countries, the kids closets also have to fit winter clothing. This is a big headache for many parents. Consider using bins or laundry baskets for winter boots or stacks of sweaters. Hang coats on hooks outside the closet in the closet door.

Many kids hangers take up space. This is where the beauty and advantage of the Slim-Line children’s hangers come in. They are very flat and keep clothing hang very closely together. Your kids clothes will be kept and stay organised without taking up any extra space.

You can also consider using cascading hooks or finger clips. They will attach to the Slim-Line kids hangers and have been reported to save up to almost 50% of the closet space. Brilliant idea, isn’t it? The hooks and clips allow you to hang the bottoms with the tops. This way, you can always hang a pair of pants with each shirt or sweater on the same hanger. They are even some who uses these clips to hang socks and underwear to the pants, and this way, kids can get themselves dressed up for school in no time.

While winter clothes and boots may be kept out of closets at other time of the year, what about during the winter itself? Consider using shoe pocket hanging pouches for storing scarves, gloves and winter hats. Use plenty of small bins. Everything should be kept at the kids level so that they can get them by themselves.

Kids as young as two years old should be taught to take care of their own things and they are certainly capable of doing so. The earlier they starts, the better it will be for both you and the kids. Offer reward whenever they do things right and be patient when they did not do things the way you wish they would.

In conclusion, get your kids involved in organising their closets. Use plenty of special and cute kids hanger to keep their clothes organised. Small bins and shoe pockets are great stuffs that can keep the closets organised.

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