Friday, May 15, 2009

Modern Kids Hangers

Are you looking for modern kids hangers? You are definitely on the right path as many parents would just get adult clothes hangers for their children. Adult clothes hangers are actually not suitable for kids for many reasons. The most obvious ones is that their sizes do not fit and would likely cause damage to the kid’s clothes. Children’s clothes nowadays are expensive, the investment to buy some modern kids hangers are definitely worthwhile.

Kids hangers have important role in helping your child to cultivate strong sense of responsibility towards their own belongings. Any parents who had tried explaining to their kids to value their own stuff would had at one point of time or the other thrown their hands up in frustration. The keypoint why children do not wish to do certain things is they find it boring and it does not capture their attention.

Many parents who have used kids hangers understand their benefits. Children’s clothes fit in perfectly for the hangers and they do not stretch the shoulders of the kid’s clothing. Some parents who wish to pass down beautiful dresses as heirloom or their younger siblings must definitely buy kids hangers. Even if you have no intention to pass them down to others, proper clothes hanger will maintain the quality of the clothes so that you can give them to others or resell them when your children had outgrown their clothes.

Children that have things that suits their tastes and needs learn a lot and tends to cherish them more. They love things that are catered just for them. The hangers will appeal to them as they see it as something that only they have and in suitable ways. There are may types of modern kids hangers available nowadays. Many of them comes in very interesting designs and is colorful.

You can also create plenty of fun activities for the kids with the clothes hangers. For example, try tagging them according to their colors. You can then separate the clothes in accordance to the tag. It is fun and interesting to get children involved with the choosing of colors for the tag. Assist them but help them decide for themselves on their color. You may suggest to them that since red looks hot, red plastic hangers may be used to hang outdoor clothes. Blue color may suit indoor clothes.

Color tagging can also be used in many different ways such as green is to hang sportsware. Or, if you love to help your children to prepare their clothes for the entire week, then maybe you want to use white for Monday, blue for Tuesday, red for Wednesday and so on. Then, you can take the opportunity to teach your kids to read the calendar as well, for example, ask them, “What day is today?”. When they answer, “Today is Monday,” you say, “Good, then which color is for today?”, and so on.

You can also try to get them Slimline hangers with many tiers and finger clips that can help them to easily hang the top and the bottom together. This way, they can easily get dressed in no time. When the children began to see the fun of having and using their own clothes hangers, it is easy to motivate them to help with other chores in the house too. This is how you can help them to reinforce their self-esteem in taking care and responsibilities of their own things.

Modern tiered hangers are great when working with small closet or where space is an important consideration. The hanging bar of the closet should be placed as low as possible near to the children’s levels so that children can easily reach them. Once they can so easily reach their own clothes, they feel comfortable to getting dressed and undressed by themselves.

Modern kids hangers are not just tools to hang children’s clothes. They can also act as decorating elements for the closet themselves. Wooden hangers are pleasant looking and beautiful. They are also durable and its smooth finishes will prevent clothes from snagging. The rubber or foam grips will prevent kids clothes from sliding off. To make the wooden hangers even more personalised, try sticking some stamp or the kid’s initials on them.

Glam hangers that are made of beads are also a popular choice of hangers especially for girls. They are available in many colors and if you coordinate the colors of the hangers with the closet and the color of the room, the results can be pretty amazing and exciting. It may even a be a great way to teach your children on color coordination or for you to understand how your kids love to coordinate color in accordance to their own tastes.

Many modern plastic kids hangers work fine too. The only precaution that you may need is to ensure that these hangers are free from sharp edges. Many kids had their fingers cut by the sharp edges and the kid’s clothes were snag. When getting plastic hangers for kids, you may want to choose those that are thicker or are more flexible to prevent breakages. Broken plastic hangers are very dangerous for children.

It may not be such an easy task to choose the right type of hangers for your kids but hang on there – your efforts will pay off one day. Focus on the safety of the kids and imagine the interesting way how clothes hangers can be used to teach your kids, you will definitely be able to choose the most suitable ones for the kids.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Get the Right Kids Hanger

Does it matter what type of kids hanger you get for your children? As a matter of fact, it does. With so many designs and materials available, choosing a suitable children’s hanger can sometimes be a headache for parents. Many parents thought that it does not matter what types of hangers is chosen, but getting the right clothes hangers can help solve a lot of other problems such as cultivating your kid to take responsibility over their own closet.

Clothing for children are expensive nowadays. They also quickly overgrown the clothes and renewing the wardrobe for the kids is an annual event. In fact, the frequency can be as frequent as for every season in one year. Certainly, you would not want to spend more than enough by buying more clothes due to unsuitable hangers. Children clothes hangers are not that expensive and is definitely worth the investment to keep the kid’s clothes for resale or to be given away when your kids no longer could wear them.

If space is a consideration, consider getting tiered hangers. They work great not only on space, but is also popular for holding the complete outfit including the top and bottom and the socks too. You can even arrange your kid’s five-day schoolday clothing using a five-tiered hanger, for example. Always place the hanging bar of the closet at a level that children can reach easily. Children could easily reach for their clothes and will even feel proud that they could get dressed by themselves.

Toddler’s hangers do not just serve as clothing hanger, they can even help to make the closet look more pleasant and beautiful. Try adding some wooden hangers as part of the closet. They are both beautiful and durable and its smooth finishes prevent clothes from snagging. They also have rubber or foam grips, which will keep the clothes from sliding off. You can personalise wooden hangers with stamp or the kid’s initial.

Besides the wooden hanger for kids, there is another type of hanger that is popular called the glam hangers. They are basically hangers that are beaded and are available in many colors. Trying to coordinate the color of the hangers with closet and the room can be a fun and exciting activity for both you and the child.

Many parents would just go for plastic or acrylic hangers. That is fine, but just make sure that the hangers are free of sharp edges that can easily cut fingers. They can also sometimes snag children clothing. Many plastic hangers get broken easily and it is wise to get those heavier gauge hangers. Otherwise, they can be hazard to children.

Choosing the right kids hangers may be a difficult task, but as long as you keep yourself focused on safety of the kids, the style and the function of the kids’ hangers in protecting their clothes, you will definitely be able to get suitable childrens clothes hangers.

You might think that a cloth hanger is a hanger and therefore does not do much other than to be used to hang clothes. Many parents have benefited by carefully choosing suitable clothes hangers for their kids. Some parents that understand the benefits of using kids hanger even stock up kids hangers in their home so that when some of the hanger is damaged, they can be quickly replaced.

The benefits of using clothes hangers specially designed for kids are manifold. Some of these benefits may even surprise some parents. Kids hangers are different from adult clothes hangers as they can fit nicely through the small neck holes in kid’s clothing. They also do not stretch the shoulders of small clothing. The kids hangers are designed to fit in perfectly and this helps to prolong the life of children’s clothes. It is also popular for some parents who want to pass down good clothing for generations to come and certainly, they should look for more suitable clothes hanger.

Suitable hangers for toddler also helps to educate the toddler too. Hanging clothes on adult hanger on a high hanging bar is something that children will not enjoy and they are most likely to not hang their clothes at all. On the other hand, children love special things that are catered just for them. Children’s clothes hanger are smaller in size and would be more appealing to the kid.

In other words, the children clothes hanger by itself will be a reinforcement for the children to want to take responsibility for their own clothes. You can also incorporate other interesting activities with the colorful hangers. For example, get your children involved and color tag the hanger. You can help them to make the color selection but majority of the decision should come from them. Red color may be for sunny day, blue for rainy day, and so on.

Once children began to see the fun of using the kids hangers, they are easier to be motivated to help around with other chores in the house. In this way, they are taught about taking responsibility over their own things and it also help to reinforce their self-esteem.

If you have many children in the home, you can also set up a chore list or timetable for the kids. Start with the smaller chore such as putting up toys in its correct place. Get plenty of bins that is suitable to store toys for their children. These are easy to comply and kids can get pretty excited with helping out with chores. Offer them reward when they have got their chores well done.

Provide your children plenty of opportunity to help with household chores and this will boost up their self esteem. Children love acting like adult and helping with the chores certainly makes them feel like an adult. The only reason why some children hates helping out is because they do not enjoy doing it. Getting the closet organised with kids hanger is certainly a great way to start. Over time, you will find it amazing how much benefits can be derived from choosing a right and suitable kids hangers for your children.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kids Hangers for Toddlers

Kids grow up faster than we think. Without yourself realising it, your baby is growing up to be a toddler. The nursery room that you have spent time creating would have to grow together with the child. Your wallpaper may need to be changed. So is the paint of the room, the way you organise the closet and the way you hang the kid’s clothing too. There are plenty of kids hangers for toddlers that you should consider adding to the new closet.

This transition period is important for the child. This is the time for you to help him boost his own self esteem by involving him in the organisation and design of his own room. Many experts believe that when you get them involved, they will exciting and would more likely grow to be a very independent kid.

Provide them with a toddler bed and allow them to pick their own sheets and blankets. Let them know that this is their own special bed. Most toddlers would already be familiar with all the cartoon characters and other themes. They would not have problem letting you know what they like.

When it comes to closet organisation, consider getting them plenty of kids hangers. Most likely, when they were still babies, you would leave the hanging bar at your height. This is the time to move it down to their level. If you want your kid to learn to be independent and get things for themselves instead of relying on you, you should put everything on their level.

Children should be given the freedom to choose their own outfits and dressing. Help them to select the right one if they make mistakes, but do it in such a way that makes them feel that it was their decision, instead of yours. You can install a hat or coat rack on the inside of the closet door and install them low to encourage the child to hang their own clothes.

Many children do not like handling clothes. That is why kids hanger will help to encourage them. You should also try to get plenty of special small laundry baskets and bins just for the toddlers. Dirty clothes should go into dirty clothing laundry basket and if you have a cupboard to keep them, then it is all the more better. When you kids are changing, teach them that the dirty ones should immediately go into the dirty laundry basket.

There are many special kids hangers available for toddlers. Use this to encourage children to hang their clothes instead of getting all the clothes crumbled up in the closet. Get your kids involved in color tagging the hangers, such as red hangers are for outdoor wear, blue ones are for sports wear, green ones are for indoor wears and so on. Use plenty of hooks and clips to hang the pants together with the shirt. Many kids love hanging their clothes in this way and it also helps to get dressed faster.

There are many other ways to change a baby’s room to a toddler’s room. Choose paint color that is exciting for your kid. Choose border that matches the theme of the room. There are many borders that are self-adhesive and this can be glued and removed without damaging the paint. Consider of putting the border at the kid’s eyes level.

Work with new blinds and curtains that blend with the theme. Use plenty of shelves that can be easily hung to display toys or pictures. Start putting away baby’s stuff such as infant rattlers or baby gyms into storage or give it to your friends. Provide your kids with more appropriate toys and games.

For toys that have been accumulated over the years, consider getting them bins for toddlers to keep their toys. Storage bins can be a very handy and useful tool to help kids to keep and organise their toys. This is all the more true in a small room. Try to implement a system that works for both you and the kid to quickly locate and keep their toys.

You can do this creatively by diving the storage bins into bins for dolls, for cars, for blocks, for balls, and etc. Then ask your child which doll she loves best. Take a photo of that doll, print it and label the bin with that photo. You can also add it text, such as the word “Doll” together with the photo to help your children picking up reading at a young age. Do the same for the bins for balls, cars and so on. Kids love fun and will continue doing them when it is fun. Cheer your kids when he get toys into the right bin or when he gets them in within the shortest time. This way, your child not only learn to be independent, but they learn to recognise patterns and group common objects together.

You can also make things interesting for the children by organising them by colors. You can get large bin with different colors, or you can paint them by yourself. Red bins are for red color toys, blue bin for the blue color toys, and so on.

Just as how colourful kids hanger for closets will get your kids excited and motivated to maintain it, colourful bins are a great way to help kids to maintain their own toys. There is no limit to how creative you should be when it comes to helping your kids be independent and organised.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Kids Hanger and Closet Organization

Many kids nowadays have their own room and closets. However, keeping a kid’s closet organized may be a nightmare for some parents. Many parents were not aware that there are kids hanger available in the market that can be very handy when keeping the closet organised. Instead, they used adult clothes hanger, which turn out to be either too big or too ugly to motivate the kids to organize their own closets.

Your kids can be a darling and a monster at the same time. They are the one who will work hard to keep things disorganised while you are working hard to keep things organised. In the market today, they are all kinds of organisers that can help your kids keep their things together and you should check them out.

If you do not know where to start, try giving the closet an entire make-over. Try to make it fun and do not just do it by yourself. Get your kids involved. Children love getting involved and felt that they are doing something important. Get your kids to remove everything from the closet.

Consider repainting the interior of the closet. However, be careful to choose only colors that are bright and cheerful and ensure that the paints are not toxic. There are paints that are odor-free today and you should use it. Personalising the closet is the best way to get your children feel interested to having his things organized. Give them the freedom to choose their own color. Anyway, most of the times, the closet will remain closed, so allow your kids to go with whatever color he likes.

Use kids hanger and not any ordinary clothes hanger. Again, be as creative as possible. Allow your children to choose his own designs, whether it is a plastic hanger or a wood hanger. If your kids are attending school already, get them a daily organiser for kids too. The organiser will definitely make things easier for you.

Help your kid to lay out his schooling clothes for the week. If there are other activities that your child will undergo, such as a basketball training, lay them out for them too. Make it a habit and schedule time to do it together with the kids. You can call it clothes organising time or whatever, to make it sound interesting to the kid.

You can also try to check out the weather before-hand. Kids love knowing how adults get to know so many things and teaching them is part of living skills that they will have to learn as they grow older. Teach them to plan ahead.

There are also many ways to hang your kids’ clothes in the closet. For example, there is the hanging clothes hamper. The hanging clothes hamper is lightweight and takes up very little space within the closet and will not occupy any space on the closet floor.

There is a compartment for dirty clothes and children loves organising things in this way. You can also install a hair accessory organiser, which the girls will love. This is where the hair ties, bows and barrettes will be kept. Get a special cubbies for each of their things. Consider using shoe pocket organisers for hats and gloves too, not just for shoes.

Kids hangers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, not just in colors. There are also that are beaded and they look glamorous. You may want to get these for your girls. Remember, the more special the closet is, the more your kids felt that the closet belongs to them and would want to keep them organised. This is the best encouragement that you can give to your kids to help them to cultivate a right habit that will follow them long after they entered adulthood.

Redecorating the entire closet does not need to be expensive. Money spent are worthwhile and it will lasts until your kids get more matured and entered their adolescent. You will also get plenty of activity time together with the kids and be part of their lives.

In all cases, kids hangers are the first step in creating space in your child’s closet. Always get interesting hangers for your kids. For example, velvety smooth kids Slim-Line hangers are available in pink, lime-green, blue, lavender and many other colors.

Here is another trip on how you can keep your kids closet organised. Consider color coding the hanger. For example, school clothes will have blue hangers, red hangers are for sports clothes and etc.

In some countries, the kids closets also have to fit winter clothing. This is a big headache for many parents. Consider using bins or laundry baskets for winter boots or stacks of sweaters. Hang coats on hooks outside the closet in the closet door.

Many kids hangers take up space. This is where the beauty and advantage of the Slim-Line children’s hangers come in. They are very flat and keep clothing hang very closely together. Your kids clothes will be kept and stay organised without taking up any extra space.

You can also consider using cascading hooks or finger clips. They will attach to the Slim-Line kids hangers and have been reported to save up to almost 50% of the closet space. Brilliant idea, isn’t it? The hooks and clips allow you to hang the bottoms with the tops. This way, you can always hang a pair of pants with each shirt or sweater on the same hanger. They are even some who uses these clips to hang socks and underwear to the pants, and this way, kids can get themselves dressed up for school in no time.

While winter clothes and boots may be kept out of closets at other time of the year, what about during the winter itself? Consider using shoe pocket hanging pouches for storing scarves, gloves and winter hats. Use plenty of small bins. Everything should be kept at the kids level so that they can get them by themselves.

Kids as young as two years old should be taught to take care of their own things and they are certainly capable of doing so. The earlier they starts, the better it will be for both you and the kids. Offer reward whenever they do things right and be patient when they did not do things the way you wish they would.

In conclusion, get your kids involved in organising their closets. Use plenty of special and cute kids hanger to keep their clothes organised. Small bins and shoe pockets are great stuffs that can keep the closets organised.