Friday, May 15, 2009

Modern Kids Hangers

Are you looking for modern kids hangers? You are definitely on the right path as many parents would just get adult clothes hangers for their children. Adult clothes hangers are actually not suitable for kids for many reasons. The most obvious ones is that their sizes do not fit and would likely cause damage to the kid’s clothes. Children’s clothes nowadays are expensive, the investment to buy some modern kids hangers are definitely worthwhile.

Kids hangers have important role in helping your child to cultivate strong sense of responsibility towards their own belongings. Any parents who had tried explaining to their kids to value their own stuff would had at one point of time or the other thrown their hands up in frustration. The keypoint why children do not wish to do certain things is they find it boring and it does not capture their attention.

Many parents who have used kids hangers understand their benefits. Children’s clothes fit in perfectly for the hangers and they do not stretch the shoulders of the kid’s clothing. Some parents who wish to pass down beautiful dresses as heirloom or their younger siblings must definitely buy kids hangers. Even if you have no intention to pass them down to others, proper clothes hanger will maintain the quality of the clothes so that you can give them to others or resell them when your children had outgrown their clothes.

Children that have things that suits their tastes and needs learn a lot and tends to cherish them more. They love things that are catered just for them. The hangers will appeal to them as they see it as something that only they have and in suitable ways. There are may types of modern kids hangers available nowadays. Many of them comes in very interesting designs and is colorful.

You can also create plenty of fun activities for the kids with the clothes hangers. For example, try tagging them according to their colors. You can then separate the clothes in accordance to the tag. It is fun and interesting to get children involved with the choosing of colors for the tag. Assist them but help them decide for themselves on their color. You may suggest to them that since red looks hot, red plastic hangers may be used to hang outdoor clothes. Blue color may suit indoor clothes.

Color tagging can also be used in many different ways such as green is to hang sportsware. Or, if you love to help your children to prepare their clothes for the entire week, then maybe you want to use white for Monday, blue for Tuesday, red for Wednesday and so on. Then, you can take the opportunity to teach your kids to read the calendar as well, for example, ask them, “What day is today?”. When they answer, “Today is Monday,” you say, “Good, then which color is for today?”, and so on.

You can also try to get them Slimline hangers with many tiers and finger clips that can help them to easily hang the top and the bottom together. This way, they can easily get dressed in no time. When the children began to see the fun of having and using their own clothes hangers, it is easy to motivate them to help with other chores in the house too. This is how you can help them to reinforce their self-esteem in taking care and responsibilities of their own things.

Modern tiered hangers are great when working with small closet or where space is an important consideration. The hanging bar of the closet should be placed as low as possible near to the children’s levels so that children can easily reach them. Once they can so easily reach their own clothes, they feel comfortable to getting dressed and undressed by themselves.

Modern kids hangers are not just tools to hang children’s clothes. They can also act as decorating elements for the closet themselves. Wooden hangers are pleasant looking and beautiful. They are also durable and its smooth finishes will prevent clothes from snagging. The rubber or foam grips will prevent kids clothes from sliding off. To make the wooden hangers even more personalised, try sticking some stamp or the kid’s initials on them.

Glam hangers that are made of beads are also a popular choice of hangers especially for girls. They are available in many colors and if you coordinate the colors of the hangers with the closet and the color of the room, the results can be pretty amazing and exciting. It may even a be a great way to teach your children on color coordination or for you to understand how your kids love to coordinate color in accordance to their own tastes.

Many modern plastic kids hangers work fine too. The only precaution that you may need is to ensure that these hangers are free from sharp edges. Many kids had their fingers cut by the sharp edges and the kid’s clothes were snag. When getting plastic hangers for kids, you may want to choose those that are thicker or are more flexible to prevent breakages. Broken plastic hangers are very dangerous for children.

It may not be such an easy task to choose the right type of hangers for your kids but hang on there – your efforts will pay off one day. Focus on the safety of the kids and imagine the interesting way how clothes hangers can be used to teach your kids, you will definitely be able to choose the most suitable ones for the kids.